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Why List with Us

Why List with us?

Every Listing Agent Does the following:

  • Professional Photography/ Video/ Drone
  • Flyers and Posting on Social Media
  • Market Analysis / For Sale Sign / Open Houses

We do all this and so much more!

  1. Our Interior decorator will walk through your home to provide a list of recommendations on what would cause the home to sell for the most amount of money and pale the competition.
  2. Keller Concierge Program (if needed)- Improvements on your home with NO Up-Front Cost. 
  3. Staging (if needed)- Let our decorator pick and choose strategic furniture that will stand out and show your home in the best light. Don’t let the Buyer’s lack of imagination discourage them from paying top dollar. 
  4. Have a professional photographer meticulously take photographs with high voltage lighting which is comparable to movie set images so that the home presents as crisp as it could possibly be. Videos and Drone included. 
  5. A marketing director on staff that will walk your home to painstakingly take notes and advise any changes you may want to make in your property to make it more sale-able.
  6. Marketing Flyer of your home which will be emailed to the top 150 brokers 7 – 10 days before the home hits the market so that the brokers can contact their Buyers and inform them of a “Coming Soon” property before it goes on market. 
  7. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)  on google and social media to attract anyone who google searches properties for sale in your neighborhood. Facebook & Google. 


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