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Refresh Your Kitchen Without Renovating

Giving your kitchen a fresh look doesn’t have to be labor intensive or costly.

Most of us say that our kitchens are the hearts of our homes—and that’s why they’re one of the most exciting rooms to renovate. But taking your kitchen to the next level doesn’t necessarily require a full remodel: Before you start tearing down walls or replacing countertops, consider the many ways you can elevate this space without breaking out your power tools (or hiring a contractor). Simple changes like adding a fresh coat of paint or easy DIY projects (think swapping out your faucet and taps) can transform your kitchen into a gathering space you feel really good about.

Paint Your Walls

Adding a new coat of paint to your kitchen walls is an easy way to give the space new life. “You can’t go wrong with brighter colors like white or light gray, as they will make your kitchen feel fresh and clean,” says Alexandra Peck, owner and principal of Alexandra Peck Design. “Earth tones such as sage green and beige also lend themselves well to kitchens as they feel cozy and are reminiscent of being out in nature.”

Add Wallpaper 

Wallpaper is an easy way to elevate your kitchen by introducing pattern and texture to the space. “Consider applying wallpaper to areas such as the backsplash, an accent wall, or the inside of glass-front cabinets to create a captivating focal point, infuse personality, and bring a touch of unexpected charm to your kitchen,” says Kerrie Kelly, creative director of Kerrie Kelly Design Lab. If you add wallpaper to your backsplash, make sure it’s wipeable so you can easily clean up grease splatter from cooking.

Hang Artwork

Artwork may make an appearance in your living room or dining room—but have you ever considered adding it to your kitchen? Doing so is a great way to add color and texture to this space. “If you have a large, empty wall space I suggest curating a gallery wall of prints, photography, and paintings,” says Peck. “If your kitchen is clean-lined and sleek, an oversized photograph in a crisp black or white frame would be the perfect complement.” In a light and bright kitchen, artwork with touches of blue, green, or peach will add a nice pop of color.

Swap Out Hardware

Changing out the hardware finishes your cabinets came with is a simple yet effective way to elevate the look of your kitchen. “Consider materials like brushed brass or polished nickel for a luxurious and timeless touch, or opt for matte black or stainless steel finishes for a modern and sleek aesthetic,” says Kelly. “These small details can make a significant impact, adding a touch of sophistication and cohesiveness to your kitchen design.”

Layer Your Lighting 

If your kitchen just has ambient lighting, consider adding task and accent lighting for a more refined look. “For accent lighting, consider incorporating under-cabinet lighting to showcase decorative items or architectural details,” says Kelly. “Task lighting is essential for areas like the countertops and sink, so consider installing adjustable LED recessed lights or pendant lights.” You can also upgrade your ambient lighting through dimmable ceiling fixtures or chandeliers.

Elevate Exposed Items

While keeping items like hand soap and coffee readily available on your countertops may be convenient, they can detract from the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. “I find product labels on bottles can be visually distracting and take away from the beauty of your kitchen, so I love putting everyday kitchen products like soap and coffee into glass or metal containers to create a clean look,” says Peck.

Paint Your Cabinets

Painting your cabinets is an easy way to elevate a tired kitchen. “If you have dated cabinets but aren’t ready for a full remodel, painting them is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to update the look and style,” says Kristin Marino of KozyKasa Design. “To me, a white kitchen is timeless and classy however, I also love a bold cabinet color for a focal point as well.” If you want to add color to your space, consider timeless shades like green and navy.

Update Your Faucet

You don’t need to replace your entire sink in order to achieve a sleeker look—simply swap out your faucet and taps for something fresh. “Updating any metal in your kitchen such as tapware can elevate your kitchen’s style without breaking the bank,” says Marino. “Swapping your brushed nickel for a matte black or gold will elevate the look and bring your kitchen’s style to modern day.”

Make a Coffee Station

From the coffee maker and beans to the grinder and steamer, there are a lot of supplies coffee lovers can accumulate. Give this area of your kitchen its own station for a more organized look. “Consider adding details such as a decorative tray to corral coffee essentials, stylish canisters for storing coffee beans or pods, and a collection of beautiful mugs or cups displayed on a shelf or mug tree,” says Kelly. “These thoughtful and visually pleasing elements not only enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen but also make your morning routine more delightful and organized.”

Add Shelving 

Adding shelving in your kitchen is as practical as it is functional. “Open shelving offers the opportunity to display beautiful glassware and plates as well as increase functionality for frequently used items,” says Peck. “Clear glass shelving with metal brackets is a classic solution that is beautiful and pairs well with a more traditional look. For a clean, modern look I would recommend floating shelves in natural wood or satin lacquered paint.”

Refresh Your Kitchen Without Renovating
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