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Budget Bedroom Makeover Ideas That Instantly Look Expensive

There’s no better feeling than climbing into bed at the end of a long day. Real talk: your bedroom is your sanctuary, so it should feel just right. If your space isn’t really serving you, it might be time for a refresh — a luxe but budget-friendly one.

Bedrooms are easy to update. With simple changes like switching out a cushion or styling your nightstand, you can have a totally different vibe by the time Sunday night comes around.

Sometimes all it takes for a budget bedroom makeover is a fresh lick of paint, a gorgeous new candle, or a new throw. These simple fixes don’t have to break the bank, but they’ll all make your bedroom feel refreshed and way more expensive. So, scroll on for our easy tips on giving your bedroom a big makeover on a tiny budget.


Paint is potentially the cheapest way to give your bedroom a whole new look. Lots of landlords are open to this idea, and even a fresh coat of white or off-white paint will make your space feel brighter and bigger.

We’re loving the soft and subtle vibes of this pink bedroom. If you want a trending tone but you’re constrained to neutrals only, consider Behr’s Color of the Year, Blank Canvas.

Not sure where to start? Order in some testers so you can see what the colors look like in your space — they’re always super budget-friendly and can be used for future DIY projects, too.


It’s time to change your sheets. Switch up your pillows and bedding when you start feeling uninspired by your space and pick some new colors and patterns. If you’re committed to neutrals, play with a variety of textures to bring a luxury feel.

Or if you’re in a committed relationship with your current bedding, try swapping out your throw pillows instead. To get that high-end hotel vibe at home, overstuff your cushions. You can do this by either ordering an insert that’s slightly too large or by filling your cushion with two inserts.


A really easy way to save money when updating your bedroom is to upcycle furniture that you already own or buy second-hand pieces. There are countless ways to modernize your old furniture, and a tutorial for this rattan sideboard can be found on our Instagram.

If you’re a total DIY newbie, just grab a paintbrush and freshen up your furniture with a new color. For even more of an update, you can thrift a fresh set of knobs or handles to replace your furniture’s hardware.


This budget idea could actually end up being free if you shop within your own home for pieces to style your bedside table. Clear your nightstand of all those half-used eye creams and mugs you’ve been collecting, and put intention into making the table more of a focal point in the bedroom.

Add a cute lamp, a little pile of books you’re planning to read, a trinket dish, a vase, candles, or a mirror for a luxe yet functional look.


Prints are a perfect way to decorate a bedroom and turn a sad empty wall into something creative and stylish. Plus, once you have your frames you can change the prints every few months for a quick update.

You can find affordable artwork on Etsy and FY, but also think about framing things you already have like postcards, wallpaper samples, or DIY collages and create a gallery wall. If you like a relaxed vibe, you could even go frameless and save more money.


A DIY headboard may sound complex, but there are projects out there for you, no matter how questionable your DIY skills may be. Our personal favorite? This arched headboard made by Bridgette Whitney using pool noodles, velvet fabric, and plywood.

We love that you can use any fabric to perfectly match your bedding and throws. If you’re short on time, you could also create a headboard look using paint, a section of wallpaper, or by hanging a rug above your bed.


An area rug can cover pretty much anything — a stained carpet, tired-looking floorboards, or an accidental makeup spill. Go as big as you can! An area rug looks best if the majority of furniture is sat on top of it, plus this will make the room appear larger, too.

Layer up your rugs if you have the space, and add a smaller one on either side of the bed for extra texture and coziness. Wayfair and H&M Home are our go-tos for bargain rugs that look way more expensive than what you paid for them.


The humble houseplant has life and room-changing abilities. Pop a cute fiddle leaf fig in one corner or hang a string of pearls from your ceiling. They add life, color, and texture to a bedroom, and you can pick pretty pots that blend in with your decor, too.

Plus, houseplants have some amazing benefits for your physical and mental health (including purifying the air and helping you get better sleep). If your thumbs are the opposite of green, don’t despair. There are so many low-maintenance houseplants that could thrive in your room.


Here’s a super cute and cozy budget bedroom hack. Grab all your throw pillows and blankets and layer them up on your bed. The more the better! Throws bring color and texture into the room and you can switch them out quickly when you want to create a new look.

Pro tip: We love to mix, match, and swap throw pillows and blankets between our living room and bedroom. Pick pieces within a color scheme or have cushion covers for each season on rotation.

(Image credit: Etsy)

Budget Bedroom Makeover Ideas That Instantly Look Expensive
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